Our principles

  • We believe that a common female consciousness is crucial in the fight against male domination.
  • We define all aspects of our work and our methods within this work through a feminist perspective.
  • We place importance on cooperation at local, national and international levels to eliminate violence against women.
  • We make our decisions collectively and with methods which ensure that we are all included in the decision-making processes.
  • We work with nonviolent methods and explore new methods through which everyone can express themselves better.
  • We carry out our internal processes and maintain our relations with other institutions through horizontal organization.
  • We try to use our resources towards supporting the personal development of women.
  • We believe that it is important for women to establish face to face and intimate relationships in order to reach an awareness of women’s common experiences.

How does the feminist perspective shape our work?

  • We act on the premise that violence against women is a social problem based on unequal power relations between genders.
  • We carry out our work with the understanding of “solidarity, not charity”. We act knowing that the basis of solidarity is to establish equal relations.
  • We do not see ourselves as “saved” and “saviour” women; we do not try to save the women who are exposed to violence but we try to build mutual solidarity and grow stronger together.
  • We do not blame or judge women for the violence they were subjected to. We act on the premise that violence is never deserved and we do not look for the causes of violence in what women do or don’t do.
  • We act with the principle of “Women’s testimony is fundamental”. When a woman wants to share about the violence she was subjected to, we communicate knowing that the precondition to solidarity with her is to listen to her without judging, blaming or trying to find an inconsistency/contradiction in her story.
  • As the Foundation for Women’s Solidarity, we strictly reject all forms of discrimination which can be based on elements such as age, ethnic identity, language, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial status, political opinion, religious beliefs and we stand side by side with our diversity throughout all of our work in the Foundation.